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On-Line Gallery representation

Artsy Shark Gallery recently added my Ethereal Environment series to their on-line gallery. Please see all the wonderful work that they have available by many artists at

Search for my name to see my collection.

Online is one of the best means to have thousands of people view art and make purchases. I have a SHOP on this website as well. Brick and mortar art galleries are competing with the internet, just like so many other industries. I have exhibited in Albuquerque NM, Chicago, St Louis and Belleville in the past. Now I am online with Artsy Shark, ArtLoupe in St Louis and my own website, garykarasekarts and

So many artists, so many excellent artists are all looking for patrons. While the recent generations of artists have been well educated using many philosophies, styles and media, it is the general public that needs to be convinced of the value of original art. Artwork should fill homes and workplaces. Such artistic environment reflect the people's taste, values and quirkiness. Art helps define their individuality. The value that all the arts bring to our lives is invaluable.

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