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The restroom is right over there

I actually enjoy painting large pieces. But there are constraints, like carrying a large canvas in a car or SUV and of course many clients don't have a large enough wall in their home or above their couch to hang such a dominate size. So instead of a framed piece, I have resorted to painting walls and even a few doors. In times past, artists would paint idylic scenes or foilage cascading from the high walls, and maybe even a cherub or two frolicing across the ceiling. My choice leans towards abstraction, adding color and motion in strategic places. My office restrooms are a prime example. The wall to the side of the toilet provides for contemplation and concentration in a room made for pause and privacy. Ahh! Peace.

When guests ask for a restroom, they are directed. As they approach and open the door, they are greeted with a touch of creativity, movement and sparks flying. Hmmm, would an idylic scene be more appropriate? Well, maybe another restroom at some other place and time.

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