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Sculpture- The Shtick People Project


From cave paintings to childrens' rudimentary art on walls to adults simplistic representation of our humanness...the stick figure is a universal representation of us.


With the Shtick People Project I have taken this enduring everyday subject, sculpted it into artistic expressions of life, and injected style and a sense of humor.  Depicting career, fun activities, personal hobbies, etc., each of these unique art installations is created after I have gained insights on the patron's individual sensibilities. The works may consist of one, or many figures capturing a specific theme. I feel that these works are a perfect means of conveying the wonders of life.


Add to the population at your business and residence.


They make a strong statement of

Live, Work and Play.

The Shtick People Project was introduced to the public during the 2005 Art on the Square art festival in Belleville, Illinois. The temporary installation entitled, Marathon, consisted of 49 life-size yellow stick figures and one red figure going against the crowd. It is currently being refurbished and will be looking for a new home soon. 

The Shtick People are us...

The Social Club

Six figures that love a party and gather at art openings and fairs.


Private Collection

News Shtick

Collection of BND 

Marathon adjacent to MetroLink, Swansea, Illinois

Shticks at night with LED lighting

Trails, Rails and Art,  2017
Temporary Installation at Southwestern Illinois College

Tornado and Aftermath

Private Collection;

business venue

Happy Dancing

Private collection

Business Pose


Garden Shtick


Top-selling Shtick People

Starting with maquettes (study models), I prepare for the fabrication of a large variety of Shtick People.

The examples above are a small part of the work completed. New work will be posted on my blog and updated regularly.


The artwork depicted is one-of-a-kind, mind-generated original art. Prices for the original artwork range from $500 and above.

Contact Gary Karasek at for information on comissions, availablitiy, prices and shipping.  

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