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Sculpture- Public Art

steel sculpture, 26 feet tall, Belleville Illinois,


installation: Rotary Park Belleville, Illinois 1997

painted steel


Star evolved through a project to develop a Christmas tree topper. The steel configuration represents rays of energy, power, physics and stellar motion, Hope and Light.

The Star of Spirituality.

Make a Statement with Art



The Sculpture and Public Art on this page are samples of the pieces that I have produced over the last twenty years. As an architect, I have had the opportunity to integrate sculpture and other artwork in many of my projects, including municipalities, commercial and residential settings. They are attractive features in parks and landscapes, corporate lobbies, residential settings and museums. Art serves as an identity at its location, making an aesthetic  statement appropriate for the setting and a conveyance of a message.


Inspiration starts with input from the client and the study of the proposed environment. With the information in hand, design ideas develop with thumbnail sketches, constructing a maquette (study model), and then preparing construction documents for the various components of the the sculpture. I have been privileged to team with several master fabricators to bring the pieces to completion. 


Each piece is a one-of-a-kind original piece, requiring its own story or message appropriate for final destination. The work needs to convey emotion and touch the senses of the viewer.


Much of my work is planar, using flat or rolled plate metals.

Painted steel, stainless steel, aluminum and brass have been incorporated into my work. 






This piece was commisioned by the Memoriall Hospital Auxilary to commemorate the fifty years of services to the hospital. It is an abstraction of the newly developed logo representing rays of success and hope. 

The material is painted steel and brass and is located at the main entrance of the hospital. 

Rays of Success

Installation: Memorial Hospital East, Belleville, Illinois, 2011

painted steel and brass

Birds and the Bees

private collection 2006

painted steel


The Grand Day

Installation: Ravenel Development,

Swansea, Illinois 1999

painted steel and stainless steel


Installation: Ravenel Development 2013

painted steel

I Am the Way

Installation: Cenntenary United Methodist Church 2000

painted steel and stainless steel


Trinity-cemetery momument 2005

private collection

stainless steel


Red Mailbox

private installation 1996

painted steel

Flos Fiore Collins 2014

Installation: City of Collinsville, Illinois 

stainless steel and cast acrylic

Garden Trellis at residential entrance

Private Collection 2006


Private Collection 2011

Triptych Entrance Marker 1985

Conference Center, Belleville,Illinois alucobond panel-steel frame


The examples above are a small part of the work completed. New work will be posted on my blog and updated regularly.


The artwork depicted is one-of-a-kind, mind-generated original art. Prices for the original artwork range from $500 and above.

Contact Gary Karasek at for information on comissions, availablitiy, prices and shipping.  




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