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Oil Painting-Crystal Series


24 x 36" oil on board


Abstractions and Emotions

Holiday exhibit

Residential setting

The Crystal Series developed while participating in an art club several years ago. Once a month we would randomly choose a word out of a dictionary and create a piece of art inspired by the word. Such words as Ruction, Portevangilium, Ornament and Crystal, to name a few. The latter is the catalyst for this series. With the assignment, I studied a variety of rocks and the crystalization structure within. The painting developed using cubist forms, a select color palette and light intensities of the rocky components. The subjects evolved into abstractions of nature, music and architecture. 

Pine Hill

12 x 16: oil on board



24 x 36" oil on board



24 x 30" oil on board

Pine Mountain

24 x 30" oil on board

private collection

Crystal 1

24 x 30 oil on board

private collection

Sax #1

8 x 10" oil on board

Sax #2

12 x 12" oil on board

The examples above are a small part of the work completed. New work will be posted on my blog and updated regularly.


The artwork depicted in this series is one-of-a-kind mind generated original art. Prices for the original artwork range from $500-$2400.

Contact Gary Karasek at for information on availablitiy, prices and shipping.  


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