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As an award-winning architect and artist, Karasek creates art that provides impact and emotional response for residential and commercial environments.


Gary Karasek is a licensed architect with a passion for art. He has experience with a wide variety of art media including drawing, watercolor, oil and acrylic painting, sculpture, experiential art and theatrics. Gary's professional background as principal and senior architect with U-Studios Incorporated provides the opportunity to work in the world of art daily. Every product and project begins with an artists' concepts and design, then develops into something new from an extensive cognitive library. Gary strives to integrate art into the architecture with each project.


The work depicted in "Oil Painting" pages is part of a series entitled "Ethereal Environments," that evolved through his work in architecture and his love of the natural world. Using cubist abstractions, light and color, serene meditative settings emerge. In our high-tech fast paced lives, art provides respite, and deliverance of the Divine to ponder. 

Materials include oil paint on streched canvas or hardboard. Palette consists of Titanium White, Cadium Yellow/Orange/Red, Cerculean Blue, Ultramarine Blue and Alizarin Crimson. Glazing and substrative applications provide the foundational art techniques for the series. 

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