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Experiential Arts & more

Creative Experiment 2015-present



Large art for party gifts, loft art, special celebrations.

6 foot x 8 foot semi-abstract paintings on heavy paper.  

Cut apart into 4 to 96 pieces in various shapes & sizes.

Original art for $500.

Ships in a 6 foot long cardboard tube. Shipping included in continental US.


Email for details:





Decorative indoor and outdoor ornament; colors vary.

$125, shipping included

Concrete castings

Process: Clay sculpture, latex mold, cast in concrete, painted

Cost range: $2500-$5000; profile photograph required.

The Nativity

Experiential Artwork

Examples of the creative possiblities for events and fun.

Art on the Square, nationally recognized art festival

Belleville, Illinois

First Art on the Square poster 2002

developed and executued by Gary Karasek

Special Project for Art on the Square 2008

Head to Toe Experiential Art


A big sandbox with 30 depictions of Toes painted on concrete blocks. Eyeballs represent the head in Head to Toe.

Special Project for Art on the Square 2007

BellVille;   Experiential Art


30 foot x 30 foot x 10 foot tall walk-through pavilion, with hundreds of vertical reflective mylar ribbons, each with a small bell at the bottom.

Truly an experience for the senses. 

Special Project for Art on the Square 2008

Eyes on Belleville; Experiential Art


Hundreds of eyeballs watching the crowd abound in trees and on street lamps welcoming the patrons of the arts.

Art in Architecture

comissions for design and fabrication


St Mary's Catholis Church

Valmeyer, Illinois 1998

wall planes patterns, cast glass. fiberglass portrait relief


Frieze Harley Davidson, Sparks

O'Fallon, Illinois 2007


MMR Lobby, interior design and lobby signage

Belleville, Illinois 2008

Visit for more Architectural Projects

Theatrical Painting


Rob Lippert, my architectural partner, is also a scenic designer and fabricator for several professonal theaters.


I have provided technical theatrical painting for many of his sets and occasionally place fine art pieces on set when required.


The opportunity gives me the chance to work large and develop special techniques to depict a variety of materials and set moods as part of the production.  

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